MMIC Phase Shifters

MMIC Digital Phase Shifters for Advanced RF / Microwave Circuit Designs

Custom MMIC offers a selection of GaAs MMIC digital phase shifters in compact 4x4 mm leadless surface mount (SMT) packages with 4-bit and 5-bit configurations. With frequency bands ranging from 2 to 17 GHz (S, C, X, Ku band) these phase shifters provide 0 degrees to 360 degrees of phase coverage and a bit resolution as low as 11.25 degrees. These RF / Microwave MMIC phase shifters are designed with low phase error and low insertion loss and are a 50 ohm matched design - eliminating the need for external DC blocks and RF port matching.

Phase Shifter Frequency Bands

  • RF Phase Shifter Frequency Bands
    • S-band Phase Shifters (2 GHz to 4 GHz)
    • C-band Phase Shifters (4 GHz to 8 GHz)
  • Microwave Phase Shifter Frequency Bands
    • X-band Phase Shifters (8 GHz to 12 GHz)
    • Ku-band Phase Shifters (12 GHz to 18 GHz)

MMIC RF Phase Shifter Applications

  • Wireless Point-to-point (P2P) Radio
  • Wireless Point-to-multipoint (P2M) Radio
  • Transmitter-Receiver (TR) Modules for Wireless Communications and Radar
  • Military Radar Transmitters and Receivers
  • Avionic Radar Transmitters and Receivers
  • Electronic Warfare (EW)
  • Electronic intelligence (ELINT) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)
  • High Survivability Receivers (Jamming Resistant Receivers)
  • Satellite Communications (SATCOM)
  • RF Test and Measurement (T&M) Equipment

Phase Shifter Functions

  • RF PA Linearization
  • RF Distortion
  • Amplitude and Phase Modulation
  • Variable Attenuators
  • RF Interconnect and Fiber Optic Interconnect
  • Space Qualified Amplifiers (Virtually All Custom MMIC Components can be Space Qualified)

Custom MMIC Phase Shifter Key Features

  • 360° phase shift, LSB = 11.25° or 22.5°
  • Monotonic Phase Coverage
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Low Phase Error
  • Single-bit Negative or Positive Logic
  • Low Current Consumption Amplifiers
  • 50 Ohm Matched Designs
  • Small Die Size

Available Phase Shifter Packaging Options

  • Die
  • Pb-free RoHS Compliant SMT Packages
    • 4x4 mm ceramic QFN
  • MSL Rating: MSL1
  • ESD Rating: Class 1A
  • Full-passivation available

MMIC Phase Shifters






Phase Shifters
2 - 4511.25715+/- 524374x4 mm QFN
Phase Shifters
3 - 6511.257.615+/- 226.536DIE & 4x4 mm
Phase Shifters
13 - 17422.5815+/- 526414x4 mm QFN
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