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In basic mathematics, multiplication is easy. But the process of taking a low frequency device to high frequency is anything but. For this task, you’ll need a sophisticated multiplier, which generally comes in one of two types: passive or active. Passive multipliers are either half-wave or full-wave diode rectifiers that can easily double or quadruple the frequency of an input signal, but at the expense of high input power and high conversion loss (which is constrained heavily by theory). Active multipliers overcome these problems by surrounding either a diode or FET rectifier with amplification on both the input and output sides. At Custom MMIC, we have extensive experience in designing both types of multipliers on a variety of different processes.

Multiplier Standard Product Library
Part Number Part Description Package Input Frequency (GHz) Output Frequency
Input Power (dBm) Output Power (dBm) Fo Isolation (dB) 3Fo Isolation (dB)
CMD214  Active Frequency Doubler  DIE  12 - 18 24 - 36   13 17   32  25